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C. Jeffrey SifersOklahoma DUI Attorney, C. Jeffrey Sifers provides Oklahoma DUI Defense including, Driving Under the Influence - DUI, Driving While Impaired - DWI, Actual Physical Control - APC, and Department of Safety (DMV) DPS Hearings in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma County, Cleveland, Lincoln, Pottawatomie and, Canadian Counties and throughout Oklahoma.


If you have been arrested for a DUI, in Oklahoma, or an APC, or DWI in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, or any city in OK, you deserve the best DUI Defense available.  I can provide you with quality DUI Defense, however, I only have 15 days from the date of your arrest to begin saving your driver's license by requesting a hearing with the Department of Public Safety. 


Let me start saving your Drivers License NOW by contacting me at (405) 232-3384 or (888) OKLA-DUI.  You can also complete a  FREE CASE ELVALUATION .  I will review your evaluation and contact you by email, or phone if you choose, to advise you of what you can expect to occur in your case.  Don't delay, I only have 15 days to save your license from automatic suspension by the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety.

I am a quality and skilled Oklahoma DUI Lawyer in DUI Laws.  It is suggested that you retain a dedicated DUI Attorney who can improve the outcome of your case and I am that Lawyer/Attorney.  I have extensive knowledge and training in Breath Testing, Field Testing and Drug RecognitionPlease view my credentials.

  • Don't let the State of Oklahoma take your Driver's License;

  • Don't let the State of Oklahoma make your insurance cost more;

  • Don't let the State of Oklahoma make you attend DUI School;

  • Don't let the State of Oklahoma make you put a breath machine in your car;

  • Don't let the State of Oklahoma make you pay high DUI fines;

  • Don't let the State of Oklahoma make you pay high DUI court costs;

  • Don't let the State of Oklahoma make you wear an ankle bracelet.

Let us begin the Fight with the State of Oklahoma,

to save your license, your rights, and your privilege to drive


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(405) 232-3384 or (888) OKLA-DUI

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Once our first meeting in concluded I will take the first steps to begin your defense.  These are:

  • File the hearing request with the Department of Public Safety - to secure our right to fight the suspension of your driver's license;
  • Issue the appropriate requests and/or subpoenas to obtain any audio/video recordings of your arrest;
  • Investigate the Breath Test Machine on which you were tested;
  • If a Blood Test was involved, I will request the blood to be retested;
  • Investigate the Police Officer that arrested you;
  • Visit the scene of your arrest, at which time I will take pictures of the area and terrain.  This is important in regard to you taking any field tests the police officer may have given you. 

I am not a part of any national advertising plan that offers DUI defense attorneys in all states and cities in the United States (it is expensive to be members of these referral agencies and lawyers that are, generally have higher legal fees which are passed on to their clients to off set their expenses).  My legal fees are reasonable and are based only on the facts of your case, and not in accordance with the requirements of this sort of expensive advertising! 

My office accepts all major credit cards.  I can work with you on a payment plan.

If you have been arrested and accused of Driving Under the Influence-DUI, Actual Physical Control-APC, or Driving While Impaired-DWI, in Oklahoma, OK or any city in Oklahoma . .  . IT WOULD BE IN YOUR BEST INTEREST TO contact an Oklahoma drunk driving attorney-lawyer.  Call (405) 232-3384 or (888) OKLA-DUI now - I will personally speak with you to answer your questions and address your concerns.


Let's Fight the State of Oklahoma to save

your license, your freedom, your rights, and maybe your job.




C. Jeffrey Sifers

Oklahoma DUI Lawyer

Court Plaza Building, Suite 950

228 Robert S. Kerr

Oklahoma City, OK  73102


(405) 232-3384


(888) OKLA-DUI

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Attorney C. Jeffrey Sifers handles ALL of the following Criminal and License cases:


Drunk Driving

Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

Oklahoma Department of Public Safety License Hearings (DPS)

DUI suspensions and hearings from Drunk Driving charges

Revocation of Probation charges

Actual Physical Control (APC)

Driving While Impaired (DWI)

All other criminal charges

in the State of Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma County, State Court, Municipal Court

AND in all the following counties:

Oklahoma DUI Lawyer/Attorney, C. Jeffrey Sifers defends persons accused of Driving Under the Influence-DUI; Actual Physical Control-APC and Driving While Impaired-DWI in Oklahoma, OK, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma County, Cleveland County, Norman, Edmond, and throughout the State of Oklahoma!


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If you ask most lawyers if they can handle and Oklahoma DUI case, their answer is usually, yes.  Your 2nd question to those lawyers should be, how often and, how well do you handle an Oklahoma DUI or APC case?

You see, when lawyers graduate from law school and take the Oklahoma Bar Examination, they receive a license to practice any area of law.  however, the bar examination DOES NOT have anything to do with practicing Oklahoma DUI Law.

It is only a very few lawyers in the state of Oklahoma that have the training and experience to properly handle your Oklahoma DUI, APC. or DWI case.  I am one of the few that have EVERY qualification necessary to bring your case to a satisfactory conclusion. Read more. . ..  



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